The Singles Project

by Melaena Cadiz

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In 2013 I released a new song every month. Each song accompanied by original artwork by an array of amazing visual artists.

I wanted it to be as if I was tearing a page out of a sketchbook each month. Some songs are bare-boned home demos, others are more fleshed out; and many are collaborations with my dear friends and fellow musicians.

I've included here my favorites from the project.
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released January 25, 2013



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Melaena Cadiz Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Motel Evangeline - December
Motel Evangeline
take me in, patch again
my threadbare sleep

And all the quiet hours to keep
rocked by the waves,
by the gulls,
by the deep blue sea
Oh the hours they got away from me.

Roadside Flowers in a plastic cup
the tide goes out and the sun comes up
In slivers through the blinds

The rain came down
And the water rose
Swimming round in our birthday clothes

Out past the buoys, where no one goes
you should have been there
you should have been there.

Water boils in the electric pot
all you lose is all you got
oh we got lots of time
Track Name: Bright Center of Heaven - November
Took a breath and slipped into the sharp tide
As my body trembled 
Felt the brush of something by my side
Lost in the current's pull
Lost in the current's pull

Felt the water rush into my lungs
All the stars were lit low
Everything was hushed as i sunk
Deep into the dim glow
Deep into that dim glow

And I will follow you down, down, down.
I'd follow you down, down, down.

Flash of white, weight of night
slid from my shape like an evening gown
All those things that tethered me, held me down
withered as they unwound.

And I will follow you down, down, down.
I'd follow you down, down, down.

And the colors came like evening sparrows
white lights pangs, they pierced the marrow
of my weary bones

And the bright center of heaven unfolded
Track Name: Love of Mine - September
I'll be patient, I'll be still
I'll unknot the knotted twine that keeps your will
I'll be good, I'll be kind
I'll fill in the dotted lines

Oh my love, my love of mine
Oh my love, my love of mine

I will clear the way of thorns
I'll keep the path well-trimmed and worn
I'll sing a hundred lullabies
That should you stray, you'll find your way
back to my side

I'll build a house of painted glass
that keeps the sunlight in but lets the breezes pass
Softly through the slightest cracks
I'll take the rain and run a bath

I'll take the sharp edges of time
And let the days slowly unwind

Oh my love, my love of mine
Oh my love, my love of mine